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Educational Departments of the Jamia

• Department of deeniyat: this department is for the children to learn nazara of the Quran with good pronunciations as well as to learn primary books of Urdu deeniyat. When the children are able to read the Holy Quran, they shifted to darjat of Hfiz.
• Department of tahfeezul Quran : in this department, the students memorize the Holy Quran, also they are taught books of tajweed so that they may be to read the Quran well. This a mark-able department of the Jamia wherein the students are taught different methods of how to memorize the Quran nicely, like memorizing it through ruku and manzil as per the parah and surat of the Quran and these the methods created by Hazrat Qari Siddiq sb Bandavi. May Allah give him rewards the best! Amen.
• Department of qirat : qirat i.e. how to read Holy Quran with accent and pronunciation, is taught in this department as per the rawat Hafs.
• Department of Farsi : in this department, primary books of Persian and Urdu languages are taught to those students who wish to get admission in Arabic darajat, for learning these languages at the early stage help the students study in Arabic darjat.
• Department of Arabic : Arabic Classes from first year Arabic to daurah Hadith shareef are taught in this department. It is an Four year course which famously known dars-e-nizami.
• Al-Nadi Al-Adabi : this is an anjuman wherein the students are guided how to have a command in Arabic language so that they could write and speak this language in a nice way.
• Department Of Letter Writing : this is an anjuman which trains and guides the students how to be able to write essays and articles in Urdu languages.
• Bazm-e-Rasheed : this is an anjuman wherein the students are trained to stop people from doing evil and so many things which are not proven from shariah but unfortunately are prevalent in the Muslims society.
• Department Of Primary And Computer : the students of darjat deeniyat, Hifz, Farsi and up to Final Year of Arabic are taught school syllabus specially like Hindi, English, Maths etc along with computer. This syllabus is approved from the government of Haryana up to Secondary School.

Managing Department In Jamia

There are following departments in madrasah.
The Principal’s Office(Ehtimam): This is the central office of the Madrasah. It governs all the other departments. It implements all administrative decisions; it is responsible for the appointments of the new staff and dismissal of an old staff as well. Also the protection of the tack of the Madrasah is the responsibility of this office, at present Maulana Mohd Rashid Ata Qasmi (Director Of Madrasa) is the incharge of this department.
Account Department : This department keeps all records of accounts. Each amount is kept under the record of this department and receipts are issued against all amounts received by the Madrasah. Signed vouchers are also made at this department against each payment and expenditure.
Hostel : In the internal affairs of the Madrasah this department plays important role. It allows students to accommodate in the hostel with full protection; medical support during sickness, distribution of warm cloths during winter is the responsibility of this department.
Mess : Mess offers two foods and Breakfast daily to the students. All the boarding students are feed at the Mess of the Madrasah.
Department of Dawat w irshad : The students are made focus on dawat w irshad, for this, they are trained to have good quality and talent. By the grace of Allah, the students preach among the people to perform Namaz and other Islamic works.
Department of Construction : The Madrasah is synonymous to continuous and uninterrupted activities. Since the Madrasah took the responsibility to lead the community, its need and requirements become unlimited.
Department of Promotion and Publication : All important literature is developed under this department; later this department publishes the ready literature. By this department some small books and pamphlets are published