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Easy Forms of Financial Assistance

»Cost to construct two classroom with Verandah: 7,00,000
»Cost to construct First Floor with five rooms: 17,20,000
»Annual Salary of Teachers and Employee : 13,00,000
»Annual Expense upon a student : 20,000
»Annual Expense in Mess : 14,50,000
»Total Expense to complete Hifz Course : 80,000
»Construction of 8 Toilet and Bathroom with safety tank :4,00,000
»Construction of Kitchen : 5,00,000
»Construction of Library : 20,00,000
»Construction of Dispensary : 15,00,000
»Construction of Play Ground with 1 acre land : 1,50,00,000
»Construction of Computer Lab with 20 Computer set : 10,00,000
»Hostel For Arabic Students with land : 80,00,000

How To Donate

People who wish to send their charity, Zakat Sadqat And Lillah etc in order to complete the projects of Jamia Azhar Mewat, Satlaka, Sohna, Gurgaon either should give directly to the safir and take the receipt or should send by money order, draft, and check. Insha Allah Receipt will sent to them after receiving the amount.
Write on draft or check only this : JAMIA AZHAR MEWAT WELFARE TRUST

Bank Details :

Account No : 201007255879
Bank Name : Indusind Bank, Gurgaon
IFS Code : INDB0000170